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Hi guys and gals, I’m a famous YouTuber, not really but for the purpose of this Demo store I am. By signing up as a vendor at eFreeBeez.com, I get to reach out to more possible followers in the blog section. I can post my videos in the Blog section and transcribe the highlights into text. There are times that viewers want to stay up with what I am posting but watching a video isn’t always convenient. Now my followers can read my exploits and even watch the video if they wish. I can link to my youtube page or to any affiliate products that I might try to sell to promote my channel (as long as they are not prohibited links). Another cool thing is I get a free storefront that I can customize to my liking. In this store, I can sell my own merch and promote my brand. My followers can jump straight to my store and even see a list of all my blogs and start reading from there. I can actually drive traffic to my channel and spin up funding all from one place.