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Hello Gorgeous! Welcome to my blog. I want to first thank for allowing me to have a place to blog and talk about something I’m passionate about. My name is Tabbi. I’m a mamma of 2 beautiful children. One of my passions is makeup! I’ve always loved makeup. I loved how it gave me more confidence and made me feel beautiful! I never thought that I would be selling it, but it never feels like it. Who doesn’t like to play with makeup, take amazing photos and share it with others in hope to inspire others to follow their passion or give them the confidence that it has given me? In this blog, it is a no judgment place. Please ask me any questions. Feel free to share your stories.

One story I have is I was doing a Facebook live video and me and my mini-me was doing our makeup. Everyone enjoys seeing her on there and how much she loves and knows about makeup. In my video, my daughter put on lip gloss, not lipstick. Someone didn’t like it and expressed it to me. Yes, I know my mini-me is young and many may not approve but I always wash her face immediately after any time she puts makeup on. I try to instill in her that she is beautiful and don’t need any makeup.

She likes to play as it’s just a bonding thing with me and her. Everyone has their opinions and I respect that but it made me more self-conscious of doing lives that being judge cause of that. So I am always thinking of what do they think or say about me? It’s has been a struggle but thank goodness for the ladies I met who help me stay motivated and not care what they think. So mommas with daughters do you allow them to do the makeup? If so how far is yours too far?

I know to be a mom and making sure the kid’s needs and take care of we don’t always have time to do self-care. We need time for us to release and regroup. It may not always be easy to steal some time for ourselves but it is much needed. I know my little one loves to do her makeup with me but we need that “me” time. I hope that with my blogs it will help give you tips and tricks for you. Also, I want you to be able to take some time out your day and focus on you. If you are a mommy of kids, fur babies or just want to gain more confidence this is the best place to be. 

I will be talking about everything from skincare routine to applying makeup even my favorite tools that I use and other items. This is a journey that I hope you will join me on as I’m still learning more every day and hope to pass this knowledge into you. In this journey so far I’ve learned many things so far. Before I wasn’t wearing the correct foundation color. Did you know that 80% of women are not using the correct foundation color! That is crazy to a thing. I didn’t know anything about undertones. Also that if you tan or burn has factored in what color you use. Some other things with the foundation are the different types for different types of skin or types of coverage you may need.

Have you struggled with finding the right color? Do you feel like it your foundation is to light for you or too dark? In this blog, I hope to give you various tips to help you with your makeup journey. Even if it’s just a simple everyday look, to date night look or even the amazing over the top looks that you see others do.

Along the way, I have met some very amazing women who have been such an inspiration. They help you if you have any question. We share various tips and tricks and experience of what works best for us that may work for others. It’s a sisterhood I never thought I would be apart of. They’re truly beautiful people I’m so fortunate to have met them. If you are interested in joining this amazing and lifelong sisterhood let me know I would love to have you apart of my team! 

So stay tuned to many blogs to come on various topics. In each blog, I will state what I will be talking about in my next blog so you know and ask any questions you would like answered in that blog. On that note in my next blog, I will be talking about various types of foundation. Like the different types, finishes, coverage etc. 

Stay Beautiful,

BeYoutiful by Tabbi Kat

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