Hello Gamer’s, How about an introduction?

Let’s Explore The Wasteland

Welcome to my new blog. And a BIG thank you to eFreeBeez.com for giving me a place to unleash my bad grammar, spelling, and thoughts about a game I have been waiting for since it was announced...Fallout 76! But we will get back to that in a minute. This is an introduction after all.

I am a father of two, a soon to be a three-year-old girl and an almost one-year-old boy, and a husband to a beautiful wife that puts up with my nerdiness and obsession with gaming (Truth to be told, she is just a big nerd and gamer like myself). I am veteran of the United States Airforce where I was a Crew Chief on the F-15 eagle and other duties for 11 years. After sustaining a TBI from a line of duty injury, the USAF granted me early retirement. As I said I love to game, but as a retired dad of two I need to do it on a budget. That is where eFreebeez.com comes in again to hook me up. I was able to get a new wireless controller for only $28 and my wife even got me some gear to wear while trolling the West Virginia Wasteland from the comfort of my recliner that she found in the Fallout category from their “Geek Buzz” section. She also snagged me a pair of gaming glasses. I suffer from chronic headaches due to my TBI. The blue light from my PC screen and from the TV make it so much worse. This was an issue when it came to gaming, but these $7 gaming glasses have really helped. I got to say that I am highly impressed with their selection here. Fallout, Dragon Ball Z, Doctor Who, Nightmare Before Christmas…all in one place. BubbaBee even told me that they have more categories on the way to add to the over 3.5K products that they already carry. To top it off, they offer free shipping on each and every item.

As I mentioned above, I have been chomping at the bit to play this game. You see, I am from West Virginia. I was excited to finally get to see my home state get the Fallout treatment. I have always been a fan of Fallout, Vegas was not a highlight, and have played them all. So I jumped at the opportunity to preorder it and get access to the Beta. Or so I thought. Just like my blog name says… I’m a GamerDad….and that comes to the challenges of getting to game. I’m sure many of you reading this can relate. So I took the opportunities that I could to scavenge the Youtube Wasteland, looking for a good source to keep me informed on the happenings of Fallout 76. That’s how I found Open World Games (OWG). You will notice that from here on out you will see plenty of reference to OWG and that is because he updates regularly, has a large community that shares what they find and most of all puts on a quality video. I highly recommend that if you want to stay up on news and finds from the West Virginia Wasteland, you should follow him on Facebook. He does more than Fallout. Looks like he is really diving deep into Red Dead Redemption.

Since I am from West Virginia I look forward to seeing locations in the game that I know in real life.  You can expect to see pictures of real-life locations as I explore them in the virtual world of Fallout 76. For example, I actually live a Death Claw leap away from the real Camden Park. I went there so much as a child and now I get to kill Scorch right next to the Big Dipper (That is the name of the real wooden rollercoaster there). I’m sure it will be fun. And I am sure it will be random. So don’t forget to follow me, comment and subscribe. Make sure to follow Open World Games on Facebook.

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